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Start on the path of lifelong learning today

Internationally Informed

Inspired by the UK's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Canada's Ontario Kindergarten Program, our curriculum is locally tailored and adapted for our community of learners. We combine leading research and established practices to provide the best approach to education for your child


Our Approach

  • Responsive Relationships - We support the whole child by building positive relationships with learners and their families. Each individual is valued and respected and made to feel like they belong.

  • Learning through Play, Exploration and Inquiry - Research has proven that play is the perfect medium for critical, creative, innovative and complex problem-solving skills to develop in the most developmentally appropriate way

  • Educators as Co-Learners - Creating a responsive and challenging curriculum by learning with and from our learners and drawing upon our knowledge and expertise in the classroom

  • Careful curation of the social environment, time, space and materials available


Assessment is the key to children's learning.

Children reveal their understanding through what they say, do and represent. Educators constantly observe, listen, reflect, document and interpret children's experiences to develop a comprehensive understanding of what they are learning, and to plan next steps.  


Our Curriculum

Aside from language and literacy, mathematics, art, scientific exploration, problem solving, innovating and inquiry... what else do they do all day?

  • Music & Movement -  nurture your child's musical and physical confidence by singing and moving with our teachers, who are trained to incorporate Kindermusik holistically into our program

  • Physical Education - everyday your child will have the ability to run, jump, climb and explore their physical capabilities in our hall, or in our nearby parks and community spaces

  • Putonghua - integrated story-telling, songs, gestures and repetition will expose your child and develop their familiarity with listening to and speaking the language

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