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Quick Facts

  • We have two sessions;

    • Morning session from 9:00am - 12:00pm and,

    • Afternoon session from 1:30pm - 4:30pm

  • School runs Monday - Friday

  • We have at least 1 teacher catering to every 11 students

  • English is our medium of instruction, supplemented with Putonghua

  • Learners have the opportunity to interact with our Putonghua teachers everyday

  • Our approach is rooted in individual readiness, rather than "age development" 

  • We take a readiness, inquiry-based and environmental approach to learning, meaning that we go at each individual's pace and follow their lead as they interact and explore the world around them

  • Parents can stay up-to-date with their child's school life through Google Classroom

A Day in the Life

  • Welcome - Children are greeted by teachers on arrival. Shoes are changed, temperatures are taken and hands are washed

  • Circle Time - A moment for the class to come together and be present as the day begins

  • Putonghua - An immersed period to sing, play and interact exclusively in Putonghua

  • Hall - Sing and dance along to our Kindermusik program, or exercise your physical abilities with our specialized gym equipment

  • Snack - Pause and bond with friends while enjoying a healthy bite 

  • Activities - Explore literacy, mathematics, inquiry and art materials and activities individually or as a small or large group

  • Closure - End the day with a story and a little sharing session

Transitioning into Primary School

When our learners are ready to transition to the next stage of their learning, they leave our kindergarten as independent, inquisitive and respectful individuals. With a solid foundation that prepares them for the challenges ahead, our learners thrive in a variety of primary settings. In any given year;

  • 63% of our learners end up in private/international schools

  • 25% progress to direct subsidy schools, and 

  • 12% advance towards local schools


Head over to the FAQs section to see the full list of our primary school placements.



Be a part of our community and get involved.

If you'd like to help us decorate our campus for special events, read stories, share your cultural customs, give us advice or simply just spend some time helping us out, leave us your details in the form below! All caregivers welcome!

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