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Our People

Qualified & Registered

All our educators are registered teachers and possess a undergraduate degree as their minimum educational level. On top of that, our Putonghua language teachers all possess the requisite attainment and certification necessary.

For more information about our school's leadership team, find out here.


Gloria Ho

Head of School Development

Gloria holds a Master of Arts in Child Studies and Education from the University of Toronto and truly believes in the power of a good education and time well spent outdoors….which is probably where you’re most likely to find her on the weekends!

* First Aid Certificate Holder*



K Class Teacher

Shani holds a PGCE from Sunderland University, in addition to a BA in Cultural and Literary Studies from the University of Cape Town. With a firm belief in the abilities of her learners - given the right opportunities, time and space - Shani loves watching their confidence and curiosity grow. 

deep (1).jpg


K2 Senior Class Teacher

Deep has been a part of Tivoli for 4 years and remains fuelled by her enthusiasm for creating and providing a variety of learning opportunities for her learners. When she isn’t planning and differentiating her activities in preparation, you’ll find her spending some quality time with friends and family. 



PN Class Teacher

Walia graduated from Yew Chung Community College and is in her third year with Tivoli. Seeing a smile light up a child’s face when they experience an “ah-ha!” moment is exactly what motivates her as a teacher each and every single day. 



PN Class Teacher

Sophia has a wealth of experience working in the early years, having been with Tivoli for 10 years... and counting! Having four children of her own, Sophia exudes warmth and is a great source of comfort for young learners and their families alike. 



PN Educational Assistant

Certified by the Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC), Rainie is a language teacher with patience in abundance. Armed with a happy smile, Rainie loves encouraging her learners to take on challenges - an attitude and energy she maintains when she heads outdoors herself. 


* First Aid Certificate Holder*



PN Educational Assistant

With a pair of five year old twin sisters of her own, Gill is a natural when it comes to working with young learners. Fascinated by each learner's different needs, she finds nothing more interesting than discovering where their interests lie.


Auntie Wah


Aunty Wah is a bit of an avid’ll rarely find a picture of her, because she’s often the one taking the photos!


Auntie Yuet


Aunty Yuet loves cooking, and dishes simply don’t have the same kick until you’ve added a teaspoon of her homemade chilli sauce!

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